Art Deco – You have to love it !

Art Deco

I love furniture from the Art Deco period, I love it even more when I am asked to restore pieces from this era and this has happened twice recently, so lucky me !

Art Deco really spans the period from 1920 -> the end of the 1930’s before the outbreak of WWII & was born in post WWI France but spread to many countries around the world, it saw the development of design and production that still has impact today in modern furniture pieces (as well as many other areas of design and fashion ranging from jewellery to architecture and all stops in between), and long may this last for some of the pieces produced in this era are fantastic to the eye and challenging to the mind.

Art Deco

Detail showing contrast in form

I love the lines and detail that were brought in at this time, the materials used and the methods developed to form curves and contrast with the severe straight lines of other pieces.

So it has been a pleasure to have been asked to restore 2 pieces of furniture from this period and over the past couple of days I have been working on a simple but elegant fire guard and next will be a plant jardinière from the same period the 3 images show the fire guard restoration process


Art Deco Furniture



Art Deco Furniture

Disassembled ready for repair and cleaning

Art Deco Furniture

Post- restoration



More images to follow of the Jardinière as I complete it, if you have any ? please feel free to contact me 

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