Furniture restoration

Furniture restoration is the process of care and reinstatement for items that have, for many diverse reasons, a meaning to their owner and have come from a point in history that requires them to be brought back to life so it will continue to provide a reference to future generations.

Using traditional skills and techniques acquired from the study of processes and understanding how to bring a loved piece of furniture back to life is a privilege for a restorer to be allowed to undertake – skills offered by Simon include:

Assessment & restoration planning – the core to a successful project

A successful restoration project is always based on agreed collaboration between the restorer and the client, this means for Simon that an agreed plan and initial assessment is competed with the client so that the clients ambition for the restoration are reflected in the completed process.

Cleaning and where required stripping of old finishes

Furniture Restoration

Lid Prior to Stripping

Furniture restoration

Lid after stripping

Furnitire Restoration

Completed Restoration

The initial process starts with a good clean to remove dirt, old polish and  if required then a stripper is applied to create a restorable surface.





Repairs, including;

Re-jointing, splicing, fills, veneer work and sympathetic repair of damaged surfaces

Furniture repair

Repair, clamped and glued and allowing cure time





French polishing

French polishing

Adding final coat after clean and refurbishment

And the selection and application of other finishes as the piece and use requires

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